Micro Bright™ Beacons

Tough and Bright LED Safety Lights for Emergency Vehicles and More

The Micro Bright™ Beacon Light is the most compact beacon light and durable LED safety light in the industry. Don’t let its small size fool you; Innotec’s compact Micro Bright™ beacon light is brighter, lighter, and more rugged than its competitors. The Micro Bright™ Beacon has a variety of mounting options and comes in many colors (amber, green, white, blue, and red) so it can adhere to your needs. These waterproof LED Beacons are perfect for construction vehicles, agricultural equipment, towing vehicles, emergency vehicles, and warehouse vehicles. With Innotec’s strobe-like Beacon light, you can be seen and stay safe.

Snow Plowing Safety with the Micro Bright Beacon Light

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Product Features

  • Compact low profile design
  • Exceeds global certification requirements
  • Minimal lens exposure to elements
  • Completely sealed
  • Solid over-mold construction
  • No moving parts
  • IP67 rated
  • Optimized, over-molded lenses

Product Applications

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Service vehicles
  • Mail carriers
  • Delivery services


Our compact Micro Bright™ beacon lights is powered by our BoardFree® technology. Built without a circuit board that makes its over-molded design possible, we are able to offer one of the most durable and versatile lights on the market. The Micro Bright Beacon™ is waterproof and corrosion, vibration, and shock resistant, so it will last in whatever weather conditions you experience.

LED Beacon Reviews

“This beacon has performed phenomenally!  It has experienced a hurricane, severe blown dust, tropical storms, freezing temps, being totally encased in ice for two weeks, and was baked in 100 degree temps all summer. It survived in all conditions and is still showing no signs of wear!

“I have experimented with other magnetic, portable warning beacons made by your competitors for other vehicles in the same conditions.  All have failed miserably.  One didn’t survive exposure to an overnight rainstorm.  One couldn’t tolerate freezing temperatures.  Some only lasted a few weeks. A few lasted a few months but none have made it a year like the Innotec LED beacon.”

Durability Tests

Beacon on Water

Beacon vs Falling Tree

Beacon vs Golf Club

Beacon Hockey

Run over by a Truck

Micro Bright™ Customization Options

Series Options

100 Series Beacon

Compact Class 1 LED Beacon

200 Series Beacon

Compact Class 2 LED Beacon

300 Series Beacon

Compact Class 3 LED Beacon

Mounting Options

Color Options

Amber LED Beacon

Amber Class 1 LED Beacon

Micro Bright Red LED

Red LED Beacon

White LED Beacon

Green LED Beacon

Blue LED Beacon

Beacon Part Number Builder

1 = 100 series
2 = 200 series
3 = 300 series
12 = 12V
24 = 24V
A = Amber
G = Green
R = Red
B = Blue
W = White
X = Surface mount
P = Pole mount
M = Magnetic mount
D = DIN mount
O = Outer mount riser base
I = Inner mount base
X = No cord
1 = 8″ Wire harness
2 = 14′ Coil + cigarette plug
3 = 12′ Straight + cigarette Plug w/On/Off

Product Data

Beacon seriesVoltage
Nominal (Operating)
Average (Peak)
10012V (9V-16V)8.5W0.65 A (2.6 A)AmberSAE J845 Class 1, ECE R65, R10, IP67
10024V (18V-30V)8.5W0.33 A (1.3 A)AmberSAE J845 Class 1, ECE R65, R10, IP67
20012V (9V-16V)7.5W0.55 A (1.3 A)AmberSAE J845 Class 2,ECE R10, IP67
20024V (18V-30V)7.5W0.28 A (0.65 A)AmberSAE J845 Class 2,ECE R10, IP67
30012V (9V-16V)2.8W0.15 A (0.4 A)AmberSAE J845 Class 3, ECE R10, IP67
30024V (18V-30V)2.8W0.08 A (0.2 A)AmberSAE J845 Class 3, ECE R10, IP67