LED Lighting Solutions

Innotec strives to create products that improve safety and will last without needing a replacement in the near future. Our LED lighting solutions are manufactured with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Because of our patented BoardFree technology, the products we manufacture are built rugged and can overcome almost any condition.

LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting by Market

Made with BoardFree Technology

More efficient. Fewer components.

Innotec produces integrated connectors, attachments, and optics that afford our customers increased quality, energy efficiency, and flexibility to meet their toughest design and application requirements. We are proud to offer products that are water, impact, shock, and corrosion resistant for the toughest jobs. 

BoardFree is a revolutionary LED technology that enables our engineers to create LED lights that are fully encapsulated and over-molded, without the use of a circuit board.

Traditional PCB Product

traditional incandescent signal light

The traditional construction method uses a circuit board.

BoardFree Product

Innotec BoardFree LED Signal Light

Durable Composite Construction – BoardFree®

Multiple materials combined into a single solid, yields properties that are greater than the parent materials.