Our Hydraform Technology

Innovative Headrest Stay and Metal Forming Processes

At Innotec, we understand the importance of efficiency and precision in metal manufacturing. That’s why we’ve developed Hydraform, our patented automated process for forming metal headrest frames for the automotive industry. With this cutting-edge technology, we can create headrest stays and other metal parts faster than ever before, while still meeting all safety requirements. Our approach uses a thinner tube, which not only saves materials but also reduces weight compared to other headrest stays in the industry. And our tubing is so strong that it can even replace base rail and other structural assemblies used in the appliance industry. This makes it an ideal solution for meeting support requirements while also reducing weight. If you’re interested in learning more about our Hydraform process and how it can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for additional information.

Our competitive headrest stay process leads to competitive prices.

Headrest Stay Features

Cut to Length

  • Allow tube purchase in master length (6m)
  • Guillotine or laser cut
  • In line process of end form

Cold Formed Notches

  • A proprietary processes of creating the flats (notches) solely by forming material rather than removing the material by broaching.
  • The forming allows the primary strength of the tube to remain.
  • Current production products utilizing this process range in wall thickness from 2.3mm down to 1.25mm with OD’s of 12 to 14mm. Up to 50% weight savings.

Cold Formed Notching Process


Supporting thin wall headrest tube forming


Internal, automated nickel, chrome, and zinc electroplating

Advanced Tubing Technology

Our Hydraform technology is…

– Fast: Less than 5 seconds per part, which is twice as fast as other tube forming technologies.

Flexible: Easy change of tooling and program parameters, leading to quick changeovers and short lead time on prototypes and launches.

Precise: Different part designs on the same piece of equipment.

We offer bending, notching, welding, and laser technologies to form metal structures. Contact our sales team today for more information!


Headrest notching form and bend
Tube Bending - Headrest Rod

Formed Notching

Headrest notching and tube forming
Tube forming features

Laser Technology

In House Welding

Steel Tube welding