Innotec’s Visions and Values

At Innotec, we believe the difference between being a good and a great company is more than just the ability to work harder than others. It’s the values we demonstrate in our work – integrity, humility and trust.

We strive to demonstrate our Vision and Values to all we impact through our work at Innotec.

Innotec LED Manufacturing

Our History

Innotec was founded in 1992 in Zeeland, Michigan as a family-owned company. For the past 30 years, the passion to design and create innovative products and processes allowed Innotec to grow and expand, with locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. We are proud LED Lighting manufacturers with a passion for innovation and design.

Take a look at some of our greatest accomplishments and see the potential we carry moving forward.


Innotec has been blessed with incredible talents and resources and it’s our vision to share these gifts to impact lives, grow people and serve others.

Innotec financially supports many organizations around the world but the heart of our stewardship comes from the hands of the Innotec team.

We approach each project using our technical abilities and entrepreneurial strengths to engage in stewardship in an innovative way that is having an exponential impact.

Innotec Give & Grow Stewardship

Innotec Stewardship Water Wins

Innotec Code of Conduct

At Innotec, we are dedicated to conducting business with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. Our commitment to ethical behavior goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations; it is a reflection of our Vision and Values.

This Code of Business Conduct serves as a guide for all employees, outlining the principles and standards that define our company’s culture.  We believe it’s important to share information here on our website for full transparency to our Customers and Suppliers on our ethical business practices.


Innotec’s impact also focuses on the efficient and responsible use of resources in our products, operations, and community. Key to this commitment is continuous improvement of our environmental impact through:

  • Responsible Choices: reducing energy consumption and recycling cardboard, plastic, overmolded steel, and paper products.
  • Eco-Sensitive Products: Innotec has engineered flexible manufacturing processes in order to utilize recycled materials, becoming a leader in the industry in material efficiency and eliminating the use of hazardous substances.
  • Sustainability Stewardship: every year Innotec organizes and participates in several sustainability stewardship events to drive employee awareness to the conditions of their natural surroundings and inspire them to seek similar opportunities within their own communities.

Innotec is ISO 14001 certified.

7,749,483 lbs

of mixed metals recycled

1,228,567 lbs

of mixed plastics recycled

256,489 lbs

of mixed paper

3,420 cu yds

of landfill space reduction

4,987,106 kWh

reduction in energy use


Innotec is part of a community of companies who have an alignment in Vision & Values. Together these companies provide full-service support for our customers across the globe.

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