Q1 puts the discipline in place to achieve consistent excellence and guides cooperation between Ford and its suppliers for superior quality execution.

Hats Off, Team!

The Q1 Certification is awarded to Ford suppliers who demonstrate excellence beyond the ISO/TS certification requirements in five critical areas: capable systems, continuous improvement, ongoing performance, superior manufacturing process and customer satisfaction.

To qualify, companies must simultaneously achieve the following:

  • 100% on-time delivery and service
  • Zero customer quality complaints/notifications and no open corrective actions
  • Best in class PPM measures
  • Q1 “score” must exceed 800 points. Innotec’s current Q1 score is 1325.
  • Written endorsements from: Ford Manufacturing (each ship-to location), Ford Customer Service Division, Ford Supplier Technical Assistance, Ford Material Planning & Logistics
Ford's Q1 award rewarded to Innotec automotive lighting

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The Requirements to Receive Q1 Certification

  • Third-party Certification – QS-9000 or TS 16949, and ISO 14001; Compliance to MS 9000, MMOG or Odette.
  • Acceptance Manufacturing Site assessment
  • Shipping History – 6 months which includes:
    • No field actions (with supplier responsibility)
    • No stop shipments (with supplier responsibility)
    • PPM less than 150% of Commodity Average for both production and service
    • Minimum delivery rating of 81 points for both production and service
  • Endorsement – STA Customer
  • Q1 overall score at least 800 points

Innotec will continue to strive to exceed supplier expectations in all of our automotive lighting and technology solutions.

Our Automotive Solutions

Innotec has been providing automotive lighting and technology solutions to the automotive industry for over 20 years. We’ve shipped over 70 million lighting products alone. Innotec manufactures both interior and exterior automotive lighting product lines using our patented manufacturing processes and BoardFree® technology. Along with our LED lighting products, we manufacture automotive technologies including headrest assemblies and visor components. Our use of fully automated assembly provides consistency and repeat-ability resulting in some of the highest quality parts in the industry. Innotec has received numerous automotive supplier awards for innovation, cost, and quality, including our newest Q1 certification!