BoardFree is a revolutionary LED technology that enables our engineers to create LED lights that are fully encapsulated and over-molded, without the use of a circuit board.  This allows us added flexibility and durability without the design constraints of traditional LED products. BoardFree lights have integrated connectors, attachments, and optics that afford our customers increased quality, energy efficiency, and flexibility to meet their toughest design and application requirements. With focused optics, we are able to deliver clean and bright light exactly where you need it, with less LEDs required.

A water, impact, shock, and corrosion resistant LED lighting solution.

  • BoardFree LED Lighting Technology

BoardFree design flexibilityDesign Flexibility
3D flexibility to contour to any shape

BoardFree custom-opticsCustom Optics
LED lighting where you need it

BoardFree qualityQuality
Fully Automated

BoardFree integrationIntegration
Reduces the number of components

ultra-thin-packagingUltra-Thin Packaging
Package optimization down to 1.5mm

environmentally-friendlyEnvironmentally Friendly
No hazardous waste in production

sealed-constructionSealed Construction
Encapsulates electrical components

rugged_designRugged Design
Design/material optimized for durability

energy_efficiencyEnergy Efficiency
Optimizes optics requiring fewer LEDs


Durability, design flexibility, and cost savings are highest priority when it comes to our BoardFree LED lights. Harnessing this technology, we are able to make some of the thinnest and yet most rugged lights on the market. Water, impact, and corrosion resistant, our lights are used in some of the toughest, most rugged industries as a cost effective solution to traditional lighting products. Their thin, versatile design also makes them perfect for interior lighting solutions, such as living spaces and retail. The combination of our complex production processes and patented technology solutions results in fewer needed components, a completely sealed construction, and offers up unlimited application possibilities for our customers.

traditional incandescent signal light

Traditional Signal Light

Innotec BoardFree LED Signal Light

Innotec’s BoardFree LED Signal Lights


Linear Light Strip

LED linear light strip

Our LED Light Strip offers versatility and design flexibility to fit on trucks, trailers, cabinets, signage, and more. Standard lengths start at 7 in and can go up to 8 ft!

Light Bar

LED light bar ATV

From ATVs to heavy trucks, we solve industry challenges with off-the-shelf connector options, custom design features, and fully sealed, durable design.

Beacon Light

Innotec’s beacon light for construction and agriculture offers a low profile but brighter light. Our flexible mounting options integrate into the overall vehicle design.

Penny Light

Penny light porch outdoor lighting

Our penny light offers the versatility and design flexibility to fit many lighting applications. Our design is water, corrosion and impact resistant.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient car door lighting

With our thin, flexible LED ambient lights, we are able to deliver clear and even light in a variety of applications. Boats, RVs, trucks, and cars all use ambient lighting.

Illuminated Sill Plates

LED illuminated sill product

Innotec proudly supplies top auto manufacturers by illuminating their sills. Innotec was the first to manufacture a curved sill with our BoardFree technology.

RGB Lighting

RGB light engine ambient interior vehicle

This common light engine can be used in the interior or exterior of many vehicles. RGB lights illuminate steps, trunks, door handles, cup holders and more!

Illuminated Logo Emblems

LED Illuminated Badge emblem

With our BoardFree LED technology, we provide lighting solutions for logo emblems that provide even, clear light. We work to create the lighting solutions that bring your brand to light.

Signal Lights

LED signal lights heavy truck

Our BoardFree technology has played a huge role in our heavy truck and trailer LED signal lights that stand up to the ruggedness and safety expectations of the road.