A Revolution in LED Lighting

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More Efficient. More Durable. Less Components.

Innotec has successfully transformed our manufacturing processes and lighting design with the implementation of our innovative BoardFree technology, optimizing efficiency, power, and cost-savings. Our lighting products are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, thanks to the robustness of our BoardFree technology.

Traditional PCB Product

traditional incandescent signal light

BoardFree Product

Innotec BoardFree LED Signal Light

Built Without a PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Our lights offer versatility, durability, and environmental advantages previously unseen in the LED market, with specialized optics integrated directly over the LED resulting in fewer components and less weight. The absence of a PCB in our BoardFree technology makes our products highly resistant to damage from liquids or chemicals. Furthermore, the overmolded and PCB-free design of BoardFree ensures that our lighting products remain corrosion, water, shock, and impact-resistant.

Automated & Efficient Assembly

Our automated assembly and inline testing procedures eliminate unnecessary components and streamline manufacturing processes, enhancing reliability while maintaining exceptional quality. As a result, we are able to manufacture our lighting products in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner compared to other lighting manufacturers.

Features of BoardFree


It allows for 3D forms & the ability to put the LED in angled positions.


It allows for integration of components, connectors, attachment features.


By utilizing a direct overmold process, the overall package size can be minimized.


By utilizing a direct overmold process, components and design are optimized for durability.


BF® design optimizes the thermal management without additional heat sync.


Direct overmold process creates a complete water-sealed product.


Innotec’s fully automated manufacturing process improves the overall reliability of the Product.


Direct and indirect optics are integrated directly over the LED.


No hazardous byproducts are generated from the BF® electronics assembly process.


Optimized thermal and optical design enables maximum energy efficiency.

BoardFree Products in Action

All Innotec’s lighting products are built with BoardFree technology, ensuring they are dependable, long-lasting, and bright.

Marker and Signal Lights
Micro Bright Beacon Light