High Impact LED Lights for Earth Working

LED Lighting for Construction, Agricultural, and Snow Removal Vehicles

Our BoardFree® LED lights are water, impact, shock, and corrosion resistant for the toughest jobs. Whether you use private vehicles, like a mail carrying vehicle, or deal with the weather by removing snow in the early mornings, you can trust our LED Lights to help you see, and also be seen by others. Our LED Lights have the ability to melt snow that’s covering them, and have demonstrated their superiority in term of durability.

Innotec has delivered an ECE R65, R10 compliant warning beacon that is approximately 12 times smaller and lighter than the previous warning beacon options used by most brands as standard position on OEM vehicle factory.

The earth working industry can be dangerous; the heavy machinery used can make it difficult to other people and objects in the surrounding area by blocking certain areas from the drivers sight. Using LED lights can alert bystanders to moving vehicles and machinery nearby, which can help prevent potential accidents from occurring.



  • Resistance to corrosion, harsh chemicals, and UV exposure
  • Sealed and Greased connectors
  • Manufactured with BoardFree® technology
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Meets or exceeds most industry-specific certifications
LED Earth Work Lighting


  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Construction Equipment & Vehicles
  • Mining Equipment
  • Forestry
  • Excavation
  • Road construction
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