Illuminated Sill Plates for Manufacturers

LED Sill Plates for Car Doors and Truck Doors

Our LED illuminated sill plates are the thinnest way for your brand to shine. We offer durable and sealed lighting solutions for sills that enable them to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Whatever weather conditions you experience, our sill plates can handle it due to the integration of BoardFree technology. Our sill plates are waterproof, corrosion resistant, and impact resistant. Innotec’s sill lights have increased thermal management, a thin profile, and can be customized in multiple ways to fit an industry’s needs. Our sill plates are the perfect solution for increasing brand recognition in a way that will make your business stand out from competitors.

Sorry, we do not sell individual custom sill plates.

Product Features

  • Water, UV, and chemical resistant
  • Thin profile: 2.5mm thickness
  • Formed lettering options
  • Fully sealed construction
  • Impact resistant
  • Thin design with unmatched durability
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Endless color options
  • Can be sized to specifically fit your vehicle
  • Easy Installation

Why Innotec?

Our illuminated sill is powered by our BoardFree® technology. Built without a circuit board that makes its over-molded design possible, we are able to offer one of the most durable and versatile lighting solutions for sill plates. Because our sill plates are water, corrosion, vibration, and shock resistant, this LED solution is built to last.

Innotec is a company that values sustainability, respect, and operating on biblical principals. Contact our sales team today to figure out how we can work together to help our communities flourish!

Product Industry Applications

Small LED Backlighting
LED Fountain machine brand light

Sill Plates can be utilized in a variety of ways. Whether it’s for an innovative retail display or a way to add excitement and value to a company vehicle, the sill plate will deliver a feeling of luxury. We would love to provide you and your company the latest and greatest innovation in company displays and assets for increasing brand awareness.