Waterproof Outdoor LED Lights

LED Lights for awnings, pathways, gazebos, landscaping, and more

Our automated manufacturing is based on unique processes to provide cost-saving solutions to our customers worldwide and across industries. When it comes to LED lights that can be trusted to show your yard in its best light, Innotec’s are the way to go. Our lighting is fully sealed, making them a perfect choice for applications requiring an IP67 rating. Our selection of LED lighting solutions is waterproof, impact resistant, and corrosion resistant, so whatever weather you experience, your LED lights will still shine bright the next day. Whether you want relaxed white LED lights or lights that change color blue to red to yellow, we’ve got you covered! Overall, our LED lights are brighter and more durable than other lighting solutions, making them perfect for your yard.

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Outdoor LED Lighting Applications:

  • Waterfall lights
  • Awning lights
  • Shelter lights
  • Path lights
  • Accent lights
  • Brand (logo) lights
  • Pool lights

Better by Design

The use of our patented BoardFree® technology provides a thin, streamlined light profile for convenient surface mounting. Every LED Lighting product that we produce uses this technology, making them easily installed and environmentally friendlier due to the elimination of unnecessary materials within our products. The ABS and PMMA construction provides a sealed housing to withstand harsh chemicals, water, and corrosion. No matter the situation, our LED Lights with deliver bright and energy efficient lighting all year long!

Additional Applications

  • Scooters & Motorcycles | Ambient Lighting, Light Bars, & Micro Logo Projector
  • Boats & Motors | Light Bars, Linear Lighting, Ambient Lighting
  • Retails Spaces | ThinLit, Sill Plate, Logo Projector
  • Handrail & Steps | Light Bars, Linear Light Strips
  • Arcades, Amusement Parks, Kiosks | Logo Projector, Ambient Lighting, & ThinLit
Blue LED Boat Light Strips | Durable, Bright & a variety of colors are available.
Waterproof LED Outdoor Lighting for Awning lights. Pathway lights, and more
LED Outdoor Lighting for Boats, Motorcycles, and more
Waterproof LED Outdoor Lighting for Awning lights. Pathway lights, and more