Built Tough for the Toughest Environments

From torrential rain to billowing dust and punishing conditions – our work light doesn’t just survive, it thrives. Whether it’s mounted on a mud-caked tractor, a cross-country delivery truck, or construction machinery, it’s always primed for peak performance. Boasting a fully sealed, waterproof design, this light cuts through darkness in even the most demanding and grimy work sites. Illuminate your toughest jobs with uncompromising brilliance – choose our rugged work light today.

Exceptional performance in a sleek, space-saving package.

This incredibly thin yet astonishingly bright light defies expectations with its robust, fully sealed construction. Engineered to withstand nature’s harshest elements, its waterproof design ensures reliable performance in any outdoor setting. It delivers powerful illumination without bulk, proving that high performance can come in surprisingly slim packages.


600 Series work light

9 LED work light top view
  • 6500K LED cool white
  • 600 Lumens
  • Operating voltage: 11.5-16V @ 540mA
  • Optic – Flood pattern
  • Certifications – IP67, R10

900 Series work light

9 LED work light top view
  • 6500K LED cool white
  • 900 Lumens
  • Operating voltage: 11.5-16V @ 900mA
  • Optic – Flood pattern
  • Certifications – IP67, R10

Daisy chain options

Expand your lighting setup with flexibility. Direct illumination precisely where needed by linking multiple lights.


Single and two sided work light module dimensions

Low Profile Work Light Dimensions

Mounting 900 Series Lights

Series 900 lights can be mounted to a metal surface eliminating the need for an additional heatsink. The light should be mounted to a metal surface no smaller than 100mm X 280mm. Please refer to the illustration for spacing reference.

Work light Thermal graphic

Mount the work light to have even spacing around the module to maximize performance.


  • ATV – UTV Lights
  • Heavy Equipment Lights
  • Tractor Lights
  • Industrial Vehicle Lights
  • Boat Lights
  • Safety Lights
Farm equipment lighting
LED Porch Light
Golf Cart lighting
Pontoon Boat with linear LED lights