LED Lighting for Material Handling

Industrial Strength LED Lights for Forklifts, Heavy Machines, and More!

Safety beacons, LED light strips, and light bars are great options for a variety of material handling equipment. All three products have a range of uses, but each one has the same priority: to keep you and your employees safe. Whether you need forklift lights to increase safety or linear lights for work stations, Innotec has you covered! With the integration of our Boardfree technology, these LED lights can withstand the conditions of industrial settings and keep shining. Innotec can make your business a safer and brighter place! Contact our sales team for more information on how we can help you prevent injuries in the workplace with our lighting products.


Be Seen, Be Safe

Warehouse-like settings are areas where safety is of the upmost importance. Between the weight of incoming and outgoing products, the movement of people and machinery, and the chaos of everyday life, sometimes we do not see everything coming our way. With Innotec’s bright LED lights, you can increase the safety of your warehouse floor for your employees. Our LED Micro Bright Beacon can be easily attached to any surface due to a variety of mounting options, and our LED light bars can improve visibility in work stations, offices, and more. Because our LED lights are designed with BoardFree technology, they are waterproof, corrosion resistant, and impact resistant. Our lights are designed to perform when you need them most. Innotec’s LED lighting products are as tough as the industries we serve.

Contact our sales team today for more information on how we can make your business a safer and brighter place!

Increasing brand awareness with illuminated emblems
Freight Containers with LED Lighting
Amber LED signal light
Our LED Lighting can help you be seen and stay safe when you go snowmobiling. Our lights are bright, waterproof, and durable.


  • Manufacturing Equipment (Forklift Lights)
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Powersports
  • Commercial Vehicles (Semis, Semi Trailers, Mail Carriers)
  • Marine (Boats, Freighters)