ThinLit: LED Brand Lighting

LED Brand Lighting for Boats, Cars, RVs, and Retail Spaces

Introducing the extremely thin, durable LED backlight: ThinLit. It’s an IP67 rated backlight that is customizable to whatever application you may need. With its design flexibility, branding, and versatility, ThinLit products can easily be transformed to fit whatever mounting and fixturing you might require.

Features include thin, flexible, fully sealed, and efficient LED coupling for homogeneous light coverage. With a package size that’s only 2.5mm thin and is IP67 rated, Innotec’s ThinLit is sure to withstand any environment thrown at it. You can rest assured that your logo, brand, or company name is lit up and eye-catching for years to come.

However you decide to stand out from your competitors, the ThinLit is ready and able to meet your business needs. Contact our sales team for more information on how the ThinLit can help your business!

Product Features

  • Low profile design
  • Even lighting
  • Minimum Backlighting Module Thickness of 2.25mm
  • Waterproof to IP67 Rating
  • Lot traceability – light output record and traceability per part
  • Flexibility/Deflection.  200N min.
  • Low Current Draw: 18mA @ 13.5V for Single Light Engine

Product Options

  • Uniform homogeneous appearance over illuminated area.
  • Single and double LED options are available.
  • RGB and single color LED options available.
  • Slight bends are achievable with ThinLit.

ThinLit Applications:

  • Illuminated Sill Plates
  • Seat Back Lighting
  • Accent lights for door panels & dashboards
  • Illuminated cup holder lights
  • Illuminated steering wheel logos


a. Exterior brand lighting
b. Dashboard accent and brand lighting
c. Exterior accent lighting
d. Cup holder lighting
e. Controls and indicator lighting