Why Use a Green Beacon?

                                       By: InnoGroup

The Micro Bright™ LED Beacon Light is the most compact and durable in the industry. To continue its commitment in enhancing safety, Innotec is introducing a new color in the Beacon series: Green.


  • The green color is the easiest for the retina to perceive and therefore the easiest for humans to recognize.
  • It provides a near perfect balance of intensity and brightness.
  • It produces sharp and vivid contrast, making it easier for the human eye to perceive shapes.
  • Green light LEDs are more effective at illuminating dark objects.
  • The color green is often associated with safety.


With the winter season and the snow fast approaching in part of the country, the Department of Transportation and several county road commissions and municipalities will be adding green lights to their fleet in an effort to reduce crashes.

This decision comes from the several benefits derived from the use of color green, which will increase visibility, leading to safer roads for winter maintenance workers and motorists.

Construction / Forestry / Mining / Material Handling

To enhance safety, green light beacons are being introduced on several industrial machinery vehicles, such as forklifts, bulldozers, and cranes. These beacons are used as part of seatbelt minder systems. If the seatbelt is in use, a green flashing beacon will light on, allowing safety inspectors to easily recognize if the driver of the vehicle is in compliance.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are fire, rescue, and medical personnel that usually operate in rural or smaller urban areas. The use of the LED green beacons on rescue vehicles allows first-responders to arrive at the needed destination quickly and be easily recognized.

Green beacon on white truck