Liftgate/Tailgate Lights

Easy Install Exterior Trunk Lights for Vehicles

We are launching a common module platform that is capable of incorporating all functionality required in the liftgate area of a vehicle. Our liftgate/ tailgate light module is in congruence with license plate lighting requirements globally. We use our Boardfree® technology and direct over-molding of electronics to easily integrate LEDs, sensors, cameras, washers, and projectors. Because of our Board-free technology, our LED lighting is corrosion- and impact-resistant and water-resistant. So, no matter the weather conditions or hobbies, your license plate and liftgate can be seen easily when needed. Our LED liftgate module comes in one piece, so it requires no assembly or additional tools. All you have to do is follow the instructions and put it on the liftgate/tailgate. Our liftgate/tailgate lights come in a variety of sizes in order to fit your vehicle’s profile and your unique needs. Contact our sales team today to learn more!

Product Features:

  • Best in class lamp output and evenness through LEDs
  • Reduced visual design interference
  • Reduced weight, complexity, harnesses, connectors
  • Cost competitive globally
  • Water, UV, chemical, and corrosion resistant
  • Meets ECE and SAE photometrics in a single design
  • Integrated license plate light and liftgate switch
Easy Install Liftgate Lights

Easy Installation

Our liftgate/tailgate LED lights are a one-piece module, which allows for easy installation and reduced wiring costs. As a result, this is a durable product at a lower price compared to the rest of the global market for LED liftgate and tailgate lights.

Liftgate & Tailgate lights for exterior trunk lighting


Innotec strives to satisfy customers by offering parts that can be modified to best fit the current needs. Contact our sales team about your specific needs and wants, and we will accommodate to your needs.

License Plate/Trunk Light

License Light

License Plate/Trunk Light

Trunk Switch

License Plate/Trunk Light

License Light + Trunk Switch

License Plate/Trunk Light

License Light + Trunk Switch + Ground Illuminator