Sustainability Commitment

Innotec is committed to the application of our Vision and Values through Environmental stewardship. Key to this commitment is continuous improvement of our Environmental impact, complying with all Environmental regulations and developing processes that are safe for the Environment. Innotec is ISO 14001 certified and we strongly encourage our supply base to meet this standard as well.

Responsible Choices

To reduce energy consumption, Innotec has implemented the use of T8 florescent lighting on the manufacturing floor as well as installing VFD air compressors at all 4 of its Zeeland based facilities with a goal of 5% energy reduction annually. Innotec has also renovated its largest global site in Arteaga, Mexico with similar lighting fixtures and significant water usage reduction measures. The use of recycled products in manufacturing processes as well as recycling cardboard, plastic, overmolded steel (mixed steel and plastic) and paper products is standard practice at Innotec.

Suite 50 Energy Usage

233 Washington Energy Usage

Suite 100 Energy Usage

Suite 200 Energy Usage

Eco-Sensitive Products

Innotec has engineered flexible manufacturing processes in order to utilize recycled materials for a number of products spanning the furniture and automotive industries. Innotec’s Innviromass, ThinWall headrest stays and BoardFree® products lead the industry in material efficiency and in eliminating the use of hazardous substances.

sustainable eco-friendly products

Sustainability Stewardship

Innotec organized and participated in rejuvenating the Northside Pathway, a 1.5 mile stretch of wetland belonging to the Macatawa Greenway Partnership adjacent to our Roosevelt campus. This creates and drives employee awareness to the conditions of their natural surroundings and inspires them to seek similar opportunities within their own communities.

Environmental Sustainability Stewardship

Environmental Impact by the Numbers Since 2010

7,749,483 lbs

of mixed metals recycled

1,228,567 lbs

of mixed plastics recycled

256,489 lbs

of mixed paper

3,420 cu yds

of landfill space reduction

4,987,106 kWh

reduction in energy use

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