Automotive lighting

Automotive Lighting

Innotec has been providing solutions to the automotive industry for over 20 years. We’ve shipped over 70 million lighting products alone. Innotec manufactures both interior and exterior product lines using our patented technologies. Our use of fully automated assembly provides consistency and repeatability resulting in some of the highest quality parts in the industry.

Innotec has been blessed with numerous automotive supplier awards for innovation, cost and quality.

Advanced Automotive Lighting

Innotec Overhead Light


Innotec Visor Lighting


Turn signal lighting


Ford Mustang door sill.


Applied Metals

Innotec Headrest Assembly

Headrest Stay Assembly

Headrest Stay Formed and Notched

Innotec Visor Components

Visor Elbow Bent and Notched

Innotec Automotive Reflector


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