Stewardship with an entrepreneurial approach

Innotec has been blessed with incredible talents and resources and it’s our vision to share these gifts to impact lives, grow people and serve others. Innotec financially supports many organizations around the world but the heart of our stewardship comes from the hands of the Innotec team.

Together the Innotec team gives thousands of hours of our time to projects around the world from building homes and drilling wells to teaching business skills and caring for orphans. We approach each project using our technical abilities and entrepreneurial strengths to engage in stewardship in an innovative way that is having an exponential impact.

Innotec’s impact also focuses on the efficient and responsible use of the resources God has given us.  In our products, operations and community, we promote Sustainability.  We are committed to developing innovative technologies such as BoardFree and  Innvironmass which benefit the environment.

This is what we work so hard for.  This is our Purpose.

Values & Creativity
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