Who We Are


At Innotec, we believe the difference between being a good and a great company is more than just the ability to work harder than others. It’s the values we demonstrate in our work – integrity, humility and trust. Knowing that the successes we achieve are all for a greater purpose drives our passion for excellence.

Innotec’s Vision is to:

Be a company based on Biblical Principles
Be wise ‘STEWARDS’ of our God given talents and resources to improve lives.
Grow people, Give Generously, Employ, Produce beneficial products
Be a dynamic, winning ‘CULTURE’ where we love to work.

We strive to demonstrate our Vision and Values to all we impact through our work at Innotec.


What we love to do best is design innovative products and processes. It’s this passion that has led to the development of numerous patents and trade secrets over the last 20 years.

Innotec team members are all business owners. We work within small business units we call cells to design, build and manufacture automated solutions. It is hands on work that requires a highly technical mindset to design the automation and strong operational skillset to lead the day to day cell responsibilities

Our unique culture of innovative designs combined with operational expertise allows us to design the product and create a unique process that translates to huge wins for our customers.

Values & Creativity
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