The Advantages of LED Beacon Lights

By: InnoGroup

When safety is on the line, there’s no cutting corners.

When comparing LED and incandescent safety lights, LED lights function better, last longer, and shine brighter. Plus, in our opinion, they look a lot cooler too! More importantly, LED lights are safer. From a safety standpoint, LEDs boost a vehicle’s ability to be seen over an incandescent light. They may cost a little more up front, but down the line, LED lights far outlast incandescent lights because they are able to endure the conditions of the industries they serve. All of these advantages are a direct result of Innotec’s BoardFree technology. Built without a circuit board, our over-molded plastic parts are even more rugged, lightweight, and durable than typical LED counterparts.

When it comes to cost, LEDs are a worthwhile investment.

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Choosing our LED beacon light has the following advantages:

  • Innotec LED beacon lights require a remarkably low level of maintenance. They have no moving parts and thus do not need constant or regular maintenance.
  • Our lights are highly portable as well. We understand that size matters when shipping or transporting vehicles and our beacon lights are so compact, they are usually not required to remove them from vehicles on transport, saving on time and labor.
  • They consume far less energy than the incandescent beacon lights. In fact, they consume between 70%- 85% less energy than incandescent. This powerful feature means our LED beacon lights consume less of the electrical energy generated by construction and commercial vehicles.
  • Our LED beacon lights are cheaper to install and maintain than incandescent lights. Their parts do not require frequent replacement, so installation costs less.
  • They are capable of operating under extreme weather conditions. During the cold weather, scorched, sunny days or even snowstorms, the efficiency of these beacon lights will not be compromised.
  • They are safe and convenient. This is because they operate at low voltage. Other lights, such as the traditional motor beacon, which require a high voltage to operate, have a higher potential to cause safety hazards.
  • LED beacon lights offer brighter and faster lights. Most construction vehicles require safety lights in order to work both day and night, and our LED beacon lights are perfect for the job. They do not experience delays before casting light. Also, the effectiveness and brightness of their lights are not affected by age.
  • All of our lights are long-lasting. The average LED beacon light has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Coupled with our BoardFree technology, they are likely to last even longer with fewer components that can fail and a completely over-molded, waterproof design.
  • Our LED beacon lights are not easily corroded and have a strong resistance against shock, vibration, and hard impacts. This protects it from occasional construction site hazards or accidents. Innotec is sure to create lights that are built tough for the industries they serve.

At Innotec, we offer you the most efficient beacon lights imaginable. Our beacon lights are durable, resistant to harsh chemicals, brighter, and more effective. Our LED beacon lights are designed to operate effectively even under harsh conditions and usage. All this is possible by our ability to power our products through our patented BoardFree technology.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about our LED Beacon light for the construction, commercial vehicle, and agriculture industries.

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