Staying Safe with Innotec’s LED Signal Lights

Innotec’s LED lights are not your typical LED lighting solution. There’s so much behind our patented lighting technology that solves top industry concerns. All of our LED lights are powered by our innovative BoardFree® technology. This means our lights are designed and manufactured by engineers as a fully encapsulated LED light that does not use a circuit board. This is made possible with the use of integrated connectors and attachment, allowing for focused optics, flexible usage, energy efficiency, and two other major advantages for commercial and industrial vehicles: vapor resistance and the ability to melt ice and snow.


Our over-molded signal light built without a PCB board has no space between the LEDs and plastic casing allowing the LEDs to heat the surface

  1. Our LED signal lights can melt ice and snow

While still maintaining the beneficial qualities and low power output of an LED light, our LED signal lights have the ability to produce heat that melts snow on the LED’s surface. Because our lights are built without a circuit board, there is no empty space between the LEDs and the plastic casing. The plastic is over-molded directly on top of the LEDs, allowing the LED to warm the plastic enough to melt any ice and snow on head lights and brake lights.

  1. Our LED signal lights are vapor-proof and exceed IP67 Certification

Innotec’s LED signal lights are completely sealed, leaving no chance for fogging and damage caused by vapor fumes. This makes our lights suitable for commercial trucks and industrial vehicles in industries using harsh chemicals. This design also minimizes the effect of harmful exhaust fumes along with the risk of fire and combustion because air, water, and harsh chemicals can not penetrate Innotec’s signal lights.

These advantages make our lights a must have for rugged industries like construction, agriculture, warehousing and commercial vehicle fleets.

When it comes to cost, our lights last longer and perform better than incandescents, which will save you money in the long run. Our BoardFree technology provides our customers with energy efficiency, durability and higher quality, focused lighting.

We know a thing or two about ice and snow.

Since we have our headquarters in Zeeland, MI, we’ve been through the experience of driving in harsh conditions. Any vehicle designed to be used in the temperate regions of the Midwest needs an LED light that is built to function in winter weather. Many have reported on the poor visibility of other LED lights. Innotec understands that it has become increasingly important for vehicles to incorporate a solution without losing the energy and cost efficiency of LEDs.

That’s why we’ve built LED signal lights that are built to handle hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, no matter the conditions. The unique advantages of BoardFree technology make it top-grade solution among other LED lights.