Innviromass provides custom, low cost counterweight solutions for a broad range of markets. Utilizing 100% recycled materials, Innotec is able to provide a green solution that fits many counterweight applications including elevators, cabinets, utility carts, storage units, lifting equipment, and much more! Yet another advantage is that Innviromass pricing is much less volatile than steel.

Innvironmass Counterweight


Innviromass Low Cost Counterweight Inside Cabinet

Innviromass comes in all shapes and sizes with our patented forming process. This allows it to be used in a variety of different applications, both big and small.


Innviromass Counterweight inside Cabinet

Safety in the office is achieved when all heavy cabinets and furniture are secured and stable. Innvironmass has the capacity to fit in a variety of applications to make sure things stay in place.

100% Recycled Materials

Innviromass Low Cost Counterweight

Innviromass products are combined and formed in a patented process from 100% recycled materials. This makes it a green and cost effective counterweight solution.