How to Calm Your Car’s Rattling: Research Findings

By: InnoGroup

“At times, a steel block (called a mass adder) is integrated into headrests to reduce the vibration within a car. Innotec is evaluating using our Innviromass product to replace the need for steel. ”

“The perceived quality level of a car is a major factor when people consider what kind of car to buy. Squeak and rattle issues contribute greatly to this perception, and, therefore, car manufacturers are looking for ways top prevent these issues in their vehicles. Squeak and rattle problems are difficult to eliminate due to their seemingly unpredictable nature. The most popular approach is the find-and-fix method. However, it is more cost and time efficient to eliminate squeak and rattle in the design phase of product development. In this study, headrest rattle is addressed. A nonlinear, analytical model of the car seat and headrest system is developed using a rigid body, dynamic model, which is programmed in Simulink. Emphasis is put on the headrest adjustor mechanism as this is the location of the rattle. The model is validated using experimental data from an actual car seat excited by a hydraulic shaker. The analytical model is then used to test different design configurations. Conclusions are drawn that provide specific design criteria for producing a headrest that is less susceptible to rattle.”

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