Our Hydraform technology allows us to autonomously bend, form, notch, stamp and pinch metal tubing at a lower cost and at a higher volume.

At Innotec, we talk a lot about our BoardFree® technology. And there’s good reason for it. It’s the power behind all of our LED lighting products and allows us to manufacture lights without a circuit board, meaning they’re completely sealed, over molded and beyond durable. But there’s another technology that Innotec is just as excited about. Innotec’s tubing technology replaces metal with a patented process of Hydraforming to manipulate tube. Tubing is cost effective and can be used in place of structural metal. Our Hydraform technology allows us to bend, form, notch, stamp and pinch the metal tubing at a lower cost and at a higher volume. With over 25 years of experience in the headrest and metal forming industry, we’ve not only become an industry leader, we’ve also truly perfected this practice.

Our Hydraform technology is twice as fast as average.

Our process is automated from start to finish with multiple features added in a single, inline automated operation. Typically the bending, forming and notching/stamping process is 3 or more separate operations on 3 or more separate machines for our competitors. Ours is all one.

As an example, if you needed a base rail of a washing machine with 4 bends and 26 features, we can manufacture a high quality product while never laying a hand on it during production.

Our competitive process leads to very competitive prices.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve perfected our competitive process by manufacturing parts in the automotive industry. Our Hydraform technology has been applied to headrest stay technology in the automotive arena as a safety crash required part. The tube itself uses a thinner wall for lower costs, yet still meets the intense yield and quality requirements for automotive safety standards. The processing of the tube costs less when creating custom bends, notches and forms since it requires so much less tooling.

Now that our headrest tubing process has been refined, we’re expanding to different applications.

With our Hydraform technology, we can make anything out of tube at a length between 1.5ft and 6ft and up to 6 separate features. If you’re in need of tube processing, look no further!

Keep in mind that at Innotec:

  • We’re cost effective
  • We’re industry experts
  • We’re doing it like no one else does with our perfected Hydraform technology

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our sales team contact page to see how we can take your tubing process to the next level.