We hire the person, not the position.

At Innotec we build great products.  From the initial design to delivery, we’ve been a leading supplier to the world’s premiere auto and furniture manufacturers for 30 years.  But we’re committed to so much more than just that.  Join our team and BUILD MORE.

BUILD YOUR CAREER. We’re looking for people with the right training and experience who want to go somewhere instead of just punching a clock. If you’re interested in a great internship opportunity, look no further!

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  In contrast to a standard management run structure, our corporate culture is based around small groups of people working together to innovate and build great parts that meet the needs of our customers.

BUILD A FUTURE.  In 22 years we grew from 4 guys in a garage to a corporation with nearly 400 employees in 6 countries, holding dozens of patents.

BUILD A COMMUNITY.  Innotec was founded with a commitment to making an impact in our communities. We support multiple initiatives in underdeveloped countries and offer opportunities for our Innotec team to get involved.

BUILD STABILITY.  Innotec provides competitive wages, benefits and opportunities for growth. You’re joining a team that understands your needs and works hard to meet them.

Innotec Innovation
Environmental Sustainability Stewardship