Lighting Re-Imagined

PureGlo Lighting® showcases a unique construction with optics that produce exceptional lighting for visual merchandising. Flexible by design, it can be customized to incorporate specialized optics, custom lengths, and powerful branding elements. Advanced technology allows the use of 85% less LEDs than the competition, while still improving visual impact on target.

Product Features

  • Custom lengths
  • Fewer LEDs for accurate color harmony
  • Reduces shadowing
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Multiple optics available
  • Low voltage design

Dynamic Lighting Solution

Available in 12”, 24”, 33”, 46”, and custom

PureGlo Dynamic Lighting

Product Data

VoltageWattsWatts per ft.LumensLumens per ft.Lumens per Watt
Input VoltageCRIColor Temp.Max Number
Input CurrentCertification
100 – 240 VAC80-904000K31.2 A Max

*Based on 33” model

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