Lighting Re-Imagined

Indura Light is an ultra durable, impact and water resistant, high output, linear lighting solution. Our BoardFree® over molded circuit technology enables Indura Light to be used in countless applications from the warehouse to your showroom floor. Its ABS and PMMA construction provides a sealed housing able to withstand impact, moisture, harsh chemicals, and corrosion.

Product Features

  • Impact, water, and chemical resistant
  • Sealed construction
  • Locking connectors
  • Optional motion sensor
  • Capable daisy chain
  • Energy efficient

Increase viability in the harshest environments with Indura Light.


Product Data

VoltageWattsWatts per ft.LumensLumens per ft.Lumens per Watt
Input VoltageCRIColor Temp.Max Number
Input CurrentCertification
100 – 240 VAC706000K8.5 AmpsIP 67

*Based on 12” spacing

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