Lighting Re-Imagined

BoardFree® is a revolutionary technology enabling the automated manufacture of solid state lighting product solutions without many of the traditional design constraints.  Fully encapsulated, over-molded multi-planar electronics with integrated connectors, attachments, and optics afford our customers increased flexibility to meet their toughest design challenges.

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BoardFree® Advantages

design_flexibilityDesign Flexibility
3D flexibility to contour to any shape

Reduces the number of components

sealed-constructionSealed Construction
Encapsulates electrical components

thermal_designThermal Management
High thermal conductivity with no extra components

custom-opticsCustom Optics
Light only where you need it

ultra-thin-packagingUltra-Thin Packaging
Package optimization down to 1.5mm

rugged_designRugged Design
Design/material optimized for durability

Fully Automated

environmentally-friendlyEnvironmentally Friendly
No hazardous waste in production

energy_efficiencyEnergy Efficiency
Optimizes optics requiring fewer LEDs

Utility Vehicle LED BoardFree Lighting Advantages
Tractor Light LED Boardfree Lighting advantages
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