We are launching a common module platform that is capable of incorporating all functionality required in the lift gate area of a vehicle AND covers the license plate lighting requirements globally. We use our Boardfree® technology and direct over molding of electronics, to easily integrate LED’s, sensors, cameras, washers, and projectors.

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Product Features

  • Best in class lamp output and evenness through LED’s
  • Reduced visual design interference
  • Reduced weight, complexity, harnesses, connectors
  • Cost competitive globally
  • Corrosion Resistant

Unmatched Durability Click on the
BoardFree® logo to learn more.

Customers have the ability to choose what content they require per vehicle.

License light

Trunk switch

License light
Trunk switch

License light
Trunk switch
Ground Illuminator

Meets ECE and SAE photometrics in a single design

Thin design with unmatched durability

Integrated license plate light and liftgate switch

Water, UV, and chemical resistant

One-piece module to simplify installation and reduce wiring costs

Product Data

VoltageCurrent DrawColor Temp.IP RatingLumensCertification
9-1615-25 MA3200K-6000KIP6715-60SAE J587

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