Our LED Light Bar offers the versatility and design flexibility to fit many lighting applications. From motorcycles, ATVs, boats, heavy equipment, landscaping and hardscaping, there are countless ways to configure this durable light. Light Bar offers versatile mounting options including ‘through-hole’, ‘screw boss’, and mechanical clip. There are multiple LED or lens color options including white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Our light bars come with a choice of 3 or 6 LEDs.

Our LED lights are powered by our BoardFree® technology. Built without a circuit board that makes its over-molded design possible, we are able to offer one of the most durable and versatile lights on the market. Water, corrosion, vibration, and shock resistance you can’t find in incandescent lighting.

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Product Features

  • Water, UV, and chemical resistant
  • Fully sealed construction
  • Impact resistant
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Thin design with unmatched durability
  • Shock and vibration resistant

Market Segments

  • Marine
  • Power Sports
  • Landscape
  • Hardscape
  • Signage
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Retail merchandising

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Lighting Applications

  • Off Road Vehicle LED Lighting
  • ATV Lights
  • UTV Lights
  • Agriculture LED Lighting
  • Dune Buggy Lights
  • Heavy Equipment Lights
  • Tractor Lights
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • LED Boat Lights
  • Marine LED Lighting

Low profile modular LED lighting

Custom Options

3 LED Light Bar Options

Choose connector
See styles below


Choose base platform 3 or 6 LEDs


Choose LED color
See options below


Choose lens color
See options below


Choose optics
See options below

Choose from WPJ, AMP. and IDC – Insulation Displacement style connectors

Choose from Amber, Red, Green, Blue, White, and other

Choose from Amber, Red, Green, Blue, and other

Customize shapes are available within the platform guidelines

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Product Data

VoltageCurrentColorIP RatingLumensCertification
9 – 16 VDC100 – 200 mAMultipleIP6756 – 180UL/SAE Pending

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