Innotec’s strength is in our ability to integrate product and process in innovative ways to achieve dramatic shifts in cost and quality. We are committed to using the process which provides the optimal value to our customers. At the same time we are dedicated to designing manufacturing processes that focus on using recyclable, reusable and non-hazardous materials.


Our brand promise: to provide Product. Process. Winnovation.


Vertical Integration

Innotec’s fully automated assembly eliminates non-value added steps from the manufacturing process. Our vertically integrated operations reduce the time required to develop, test and produce new products and ensures greater performance, consistency and reliability.

Engineers doing Engineering

We believe machines should do the work and Engineers should do the thinking. With over 2/3 of our team degreed Engineers, it’s only natural that we focus on seamless design-for-manufacturing, continuous improvement and implement some of the most advanced manufacturing processes in the industry.

Continuous Flow


Our manufacturing process is driven by the philosophy of “never let the part go”. We’ve developed and integrated multiple proprietary web systems that reduce labor and create continuous flow of the production process all monitored through sophisticated statistical process controls.

Quality Focus

Innotec’s continuous flow manufacturing creates repeatability and consistency throughout the process. In addition we utilize automated optical inspection and 100% electrical verification for immediate identification of any quality problems during processing. All of our facilities are ISO/TS16949 certified.


At Innotec, we design and build our own manufacturing equipment to meet the specific needs of our customers and to be capable of producing multiple product designs. Our processes can be placed anywhere globally because our automated manufacturing is not as dependent on manual labor.

Innovative Solutions

LED Lighting Innovation

Innotec’s strength is our ability to develop proprietary product and process solutions for the industries we serve. Our approach of simple, unique automation that minimizes cost and maximizes throughput in an innovative way is our brand promise – Product, Process, Winnovation.

Global Advantage

Innotec strategically expanded our operations to the major markets around the world to support our global customers. Our advanced approach to automation ensures that we are competitive globally as our manufacturing processes are not dependent on labor costs. In addition our design team is also located globally enabling a twenty-four hour development day. All of this gives us the significant global advantage to support our customers in the regions that they design and produce parts.

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