With LED efficiency nearing its peak, Innotec has reinvented our manufacturing processes and lighting design using our BoardFree® technology to excel in efficiency, power, and cost-savings.

  • Automated and Efficient Assembly

    Our automated assembly and inline testing process improves reliability while eliminating inessential components and manufacturing steps

  • Built Without a PCB

    Our lights offer versatility, durability, and environmental advantages previously unseen in the LED market with specialized optics integrated directly over the LED resulting in fewer components and less weight

  • Light on Target

    Optimized thermal and optical design enables maximum energy efficiency, more light on target, and optimized thermal performance

BoardFree lighting technology

The Same Appearance Using Half the Power

Innotec is able to improve light efficiency by using less power for the same light appearance. Our products’ BoardFree® technology enables its over-molded shape, angle, and size to make this possible. When desires, we are able to angle and focus optics  to reduce light waste and required power.

total light efficiency, no light wasted

Reinventing Product Design to Reduce Waste

An example of our ability to produce Light on Target is demonstrated by our LED puddle light, where we are able to illuminate the ground directly below the car door where it needs to be lit, cutting back on light waste. By focusing the light to a specific area, we are able to use less power for the same bright appearance. Our Light on Target performance when compared to a traditional PCB product with speaks for itself!

Making Illumination Possible with Fewer Components

Our solutions based manufacturing process does more with less. One example is Innotec’s illuminated sill/scuff plate that uses just one LED light engine for an evenly and brightly illuminated product. Typically, competitors use multiple LED’s throughout with multiple hot spots, leading to faster burnout and poor heat management. This is just one of the ways our BoardFree technology provides unique solutions to our customers in the automotive industry.

Light Distribution

Eliminating the Inessential

Innotec’s fully automated assembly eliminates non-value added steps and components from the manufacturing process, reducing labor and creating continuous flow.

  • Design review

Innovative Solutions

Innotec’s strength is our ability to develop proprietary product and process solutions for the industries we serve utilizing our patented technologies.

Unmatched Versatility

We design and build our own manufacturing equipment that meet our customer’s specific needs and are capable of producing multiple, innovative product designs.

With You from Start to Finish

When we identify a customer’s product problem, we work with them from start to finish creating a truly effective solution. Our lights offer a durability, versatility, and sealed design previously unseen in the market. We are able to take these unique product attributes and develop the solutions that best solve big industry challenges in lighting.

Reach out to us and see what we can make possible in your industry. We’d be happy to walk through what we can offer and show you how we’re always innovating.

Our Global Advantage

Innotec strategically expanded our operations to the major markets around the world to support our global customers. Our advanced approach to automation ensures that we are competitive globally as our manufacturing processes are not dependent on labor costs. In addition, our design team is spread around the world, which enables a twenty-four hour development day.

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Headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan Innotec has expanded operations to major markets around the world including Hungary, China, Mexico, and India. At Innotec, our strength is our ability to integrate product and process to provide exceptional solutions for our customers worldwide. See what we can make possible in your industry by reaching out to us.

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