Innotec’s 4” LED Tail Light with BoardFree® technology has a bold, sleek design that is brighter, thin, and more rugged than other lights on the market. The patented BoardFree technology produces a streamlined thin profile for flexible surface mounting on commercial vehicles. The design minimizes additional components, eliminates opportunities for damage, and reduces weight. The robust composite material constructed of ABS and acrylic creates a sealed housing that provides superior protection from harsh chemicals, water, and corrosion. Our lights have optimal heat management that leads to a longer life expectancy, and they exceed FMVSS 108 specifications.

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Product Features

  • Highest impact resistance in the industry
  • Composite construction protects components
  • Resistant to impact, corrosion, harsh chemicals and UV exposure
  • Easy drop-in replacement for standard industry mounting
  • Meets SAE S2 and T2 specifications
  • Sealed and greased 3 Pin Amp Connector
  • Slotted low stress mounting holes with standard mounting dimensions
  • Can be mounted any direction and meet DOT specifications

Thin, Durable, Built to Last.

LED Tail Light | LED Brake Signal Light | LED Tail Turn Marker Light

Product Data

VoltageCurrent DrawColorConnectorMaterialFMVSS RatingMounting Holes (3)
12V.37A / .02ARed3 Pin AmpABS/PMMAS2 & T2.28″

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