Innotec’s Low Profile 4″ LED Low Profile Clearance Marker is made with our BoardFree® technology. That means they are durable lights designed to outlive the life of the trailer. These will significantly reduce opportunities for damage, increase safety, and provide guaranteed operational excellence. Our lights have optimal heat management that leads to a longer life expectancy, and they exceed FMVSS 108 specifications.

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Product Features

  • ABS and acrylic construction
  • Resistant to impact, corrosion, harsh chemicals and UV exposure
  • Sealed and greased 2 Pin AMP connector
  • Shock and Vibration Proof
  • Meets SAE PC standards for marker lights
  • Meets FMVSS 108
  • Slotted low stress mounting holes

Thin, Durable, Built to Last.

LED Low Profile Clearance Marker Light | LED rectangle marker light | LED Signal Lights

Product Data

VoltageCurrent DrawColorsFMVSS RatingMaterialMounting Holes (2)
12V / 6V100 mA / 30 mARed, AmberPCABS / PMMA0.196″ dia.