Innotec’s BoardFree® technology offers LED signal lights with the most rugged LED light engine in the industry for commercial vehicles. Our advanced lighting designs allow us to manufacture water, corrosion, UV exposure, and impact resistant LED lights that are put to work around the country. Our products require fewer LEDs integrated into the thinnest packaging possible with easy, drop-in replacement. Work trucks, agriculture equipment, RVs, buses, and boats are only a few of the vehicles we are able to serve.

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BoardFree is a revolutionary LED technology that enables our engineers to create LED lights that are fully encapsulated and over-molded without the use of a circuit board.  This allows us added flexibility and durability without the design constraints of traditional LED products. BoardFree lights have integrated connectors, attachments, and optics that afford our customers increased quality, energy efficiency, and durability to meet their toughest design and application requirements. Water, impact, and corrosion resistant, these lights are used in some of the toughest, most rugged industries as a cost effective solution to traditional lighting products.

Our signal lights are made to be used on some of the toughest vehicles like construction equipment, agriculture equipment, camper trailers, marine vessels, and more.

traditional incandescent signal light

Traditional Signal Light

Innotec BoardFree LED Signal Light

Innotec’s BoardFree LED Signal Lights

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