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Innotec’s BoardFree® technology offers LED signal lights with the most rugged LED light engine in the industry. Our advanced lighting designs allow us to manufacture water, corrosion, UV exposure, and impact resistant LED lights that are put to work around the country. Our products require fewer LEDs integrated into the thinnest packaging possible with easy, drop-in replacement. Work trucks, agriculture equipment, RVs, and campers are only a few of the vehicles we serve along with our partnership with Philips to outfit 53-foot commercial vehicle trailers.

In April of 2014, Innotec began a new partnership with Phillips Industries, a global leader in the transportation industry. Innotec’s BoardFree exterior trailer signal lights will be packaged together with Phillips’ award-winning STA-DRY® electrical trailer harnesses. By bundling the lights with the electrical harness, fleets have two of the industry’s leading innovations in lighting and trailer harnesses together as one.

It’s simple, turnkey solutions for the LED signal light market.
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Round Marker LED Lights

Round Marker LED Signal Lights

A 3/4” Marker LED Signal Light made with PMMA construction with corrosion, water, and UV exposure resistance. Meets SAE P2 standard for Marker Lights.

Stop Tail Turn LED Lights

Stop Turn Tail LED Signal Lights

A 4” round Stop-Tail-Turn LED signal light that meets SAE S2 and T2 standards. Highest impact resistance in the industry. UV exposure, water, and corrosion resistant, with easy drop-in replacement.

Rectangle Marker LED Lights

Rectangle LED Signal Lights

A 3.5″ Marker LED Signal Light made with ABS and PMMA construction. Impact, corrosion, water, and UV exposure resistance. Meets SAE PC and FMVSS108 standards.

Side Turn LED Lights

Side Turn LED Signal Lights

A  6.5” Side Turn LED Signal Light made with ABS and PMMA construction. Impact, corrosion and UV exposure resistance. Meets SAE P2 E standards for Turn Signals and Side Markers.

License Plate LED Light

LED license plate light

A 3.5″ rectangular License LED Light made with ABS and PMMA construction with resistance to impact, water, corrosion, and UV exposure. Meets SAE L standards for use as a License Light by FMVSS.


Safety, durability, and cost savings are highest priority when it comes to our heavy truck and trailer LED signal lights. Harnessing our Boardfree technology, we are able to manufacture some of the thinnest and yet most rugged and long-lasting signal lights on the market. Over-molding the plastic directly allows the circuit to bend in flexible positions if needed, sealed for water resistance, and creates a thin and efficient profile.

Replacing your vehicles signal lights with our longer lasting, durable, and water resistant LED lights saves your fleet time and money.

traditional incandescent signal light

Traditional Signal Light

Innotec BoardFree LED Signal Light

Innotec’s BoardFree LED Signal Lights

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