Incandescent lights burn out quicker due to shorter lifespan and poor heat management, not an ideal situation on the vehicles a community relies on. Our LED lighting solutions last longer, perform better, and use less power. All our products are designed to deliver quality and performance that can withstand the external influences that service vehicles are exposed to on the job. Our lights don’t just outperform incandescent lights- our LED lighting is revolutionary with our BoardFree®technology, allowing us to engineer LED lights that are fully sealed and over-molded, without the use of a circuit board.  These lights are water, corrosion, chemical, and impact resistant solutions that stand up to industry standards. Our LED lights fit numerous applications, including safety and warning lights, beacon lights, LED signal lights, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about our lighting solutions or what BoardFree can do for construction vehicles and equipment, reach out to us.

LED Lights made with Innotec’s BoardFree technology offer many advantages

  • Sealed construction that is water and UV resistant
  • Power washable
  • Rugged, over-molded design that is impact resistant
  • One of the thinnest designs available to deliver light, non-intrusively
  • Energy efficient with optimized optics that require fewer LEDs

Our BoardFree® Technology allows us to create LED lighting solutions with a flexibility, thinness, and durability unmatched in the LED lighting market

Signal Lights

Service truck beacons

Beacon Light