Edge Lighting Made Simple

Edge Light offers endless configuration for linear and non-linear lighting. Built with versatility in mind, Edge Light’s durable and secure connections withstand damage during installation and use over time. Edge Light’s built in channel feature maximizes lighting efficiency that ensures the coupling of LEDs to light guide materials.

In a market over-saturated with lighting options, Edge Light is the only one made with BoardFree technology. Built without a circuit board that makes its over-molded design possible, we are able to offer one of the most durable and versatile lights on the market.

Product Features

  • Durable, sealed design
  • Clip-and-play construction
  • Advanced Thermal Management
  • Built-in coupling feature
  • Low voltage design
  • Cross connection prevention

Durable, Versatile and Easy.

Now available in 12 & 24 Volts.

LED Edge Light for light panles

Product Data

VoltageLamp WattageLamp Watts
per ft
LumensLumens per ft.Lumens per Watt
Input VoltageCRIColor Temp.Max Number
Input CurrentCertification
100 – 240 VAC70-802700K – 4000K – 6500K32**.10 A/Lamp

*Based on direct connection  **For a 24 W power supply