Your customers need to work around the clock, and the use of incandescent lighting just doesn’t cut it. Innotec has a range of LED lighting solutions designed for agriculture equipment including work lights, signal lighting, and hazard lights. All our products are designed to deliver quality and performance that can withstand external influences that tractors and agriculture equipment is exposed to on the job.

Our LED lights are powered by our BoardFree technology and offer many advantages:

  • Sealed construction that is water and UV resistant
  • Power washable
  • Rugged, over-molded design that is impact resistant
  • One of the thinnest designs available to deliver light, non-intrusively
  • Energy efficient with optimized optics that require fewer LEDs

Our BoardFree® Technology allows us to create LED lighting solutions with a flexibility, thinness, and durability unmatched in the LED lighting market

Beacon Light

Illuminated Logo Emblems

tractor illuminated logo emblems agriculture

Tractor Headlights

LED tractor headlights agriculture

LED Signal Lights