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At Innotec, our unique culture of innovative engineers combined with our operational expertise allows us to create huge wins for both us AND our customers across multiple industries. Many of our innovative lighting products harness our patented BoardFree® technology, a durable and flexible lighting solution that can be used for countless applications. From tractor lights to retail lighting, we consistently surpass expectation in each industry we serve.

Innotec Automotive LED Lighting Technology Industries

We manufacture innovative LED lighting products, headrest and visor assembly products, and LED illuminated sills for consumer vehicles. Our LED lights, illuminated badges, and light through chrome products harness our BoardFree technology, keeping us ahead of the game.

Innotec LED heavy truck and trailer signal lights

Our BoardFree technology has played a huge role in our heavy truck and trailer LED signal lights. We manufacture LED signal lights for heavy equipment, trucks, RVs, campers, and more! These lights stand up to the ruggedness and safety expectations of commercial vehicles across America.

Innotec Lawn and Garden LED Light Industries

From lawn mower LED headlights to snow blower lights, we manufacture unique lighting solutions with our BoardFree technology for the lawn and garden equipment industry. Durable, weather-resistant, and with a flexible fit, you won’t find lights like these anywhere else.

Innotec LED Retail Lighting Industries

Our BoardFree technology allows us to manufacture retail lighting solutions that enhance the customer experience. Whether you need retail lighting for a rugged environment, or a sleek, thin solution for store shelves, Innotec has you covered.

Innotec Office Lighting and technology Industries

Products like our Innviromass® counterweight for heavy cabinets and our power distribution systems that bring power to a variety of spaces are some of the innovations we’ve created for the everyday office area.

Innotec Outdoor Residential LED Lighting Industries

Our BoardFree technology allows us to manufacture thin and durable outdoor lights. We manufacture LED deck lights and work lights to illuminate a variety of outdoor spaces and work stations.

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