At Innotec, the flexibility and versatility of our LED products combined with our operational expertise allows us to create lighting solutions across multiple industries. Many of our individual lighting products can be used in a variety of different applications on automobiles, trucks, ATVs, tractors, and more. All of our LED lighting solutions harness our patented BoardFree® technology, allowing us to offer a durable, thin, and thermally-managed product for the industries that rely on it. From a rugged solution for construction to a thin, thermally-managed solution for retail, we consistently surpass expectation in each industry we serve.

Innotec Automotive LED Lighting Technology Industries

We manufacture innovative LED lighting products, headrest and visor assembly products, and LED illuminated sills for consumer vehicles.

Innotec LED heavy truck and trailer signal lights

Our BoardFree technology has played a huge role in our heavy truck and trailer LED signal lights that stand up to the ruggedness and safety expectations of commercial trucks.

Innotec Lawn and Garden LED Light Industries

We manufacture unique lighting solutions with our BoardFree technology for the lawn and garden equipment industry.

Innotec LED Retail Lighting Industries

Our BoardFree technology allows us to manufacture retail lighting solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Innotec Office Lighting and technology Industries

We manufacture office technology like our Innviromass® counterweight and our power distribution systems for office spaces.